Thursday, July 31, 2008

Saving Tadpoles

We have had our latest eco-friendly science project arrive by accident at our doorstep. A few week's ago, one of the neighbors had a water main leak which kept a constant stream of water flowing across the sidewalk out front. This in turn encouraged the frogs to lay eggs which became a LOT of tadpoles. When the water main was fixed, the tadpoles found themselves trapped in an ever evaporating pool of water. So William, Diego, EliJah, Judah, Evan and Sean found themselves helping to add water every day to keep the tadpoles alive. I posted a request on Craigslist for a free aquarium to move the project away from the street and save as many tadpoles as possible.

A wonderful group of people answered and a huge thanks to Kristee for providing an aquarium, lamp and pump (along with some good advice on temperature)!!!! The tadpoles enjoyed the aquarium, but sometime at the beginning of this week there developed a film on the water. Sadly at the moment only 7 tadpoles are going strong - but they are growing their legs and the kids are excited to watch the transformation! Here are some pictures of the past several weeks and I will take some close up shots of the survivors this weekend!

Peace & Blessings,
kim - mother/cooperative member TRS

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Viva Jose!!!!

Last night we said "Thank you" to one of the co-conspirators of The Real School and teacher/friend for the past 2 years. Jose is an amazing person who has created a lasting impression on the children and we adults. His tireless commitment to allowing the children to build their community has inspired us all. We wish him well with his future endeavors in community building and activism and know our paths will cross again! The kids wrote and acted out a play for Jose that Ellie narrarated. Enjoy the pictures!!!

Lynn McCabe & the Blaffer Gallery Show

We were very excited to be a part of the 2008 Houston Area Exhibition at the Blaffer Gallery located at University of Houston. Artist Lynn McCabe was working on an exhibit and wanted to have the help of teenagers. Representing Dragon Valley were Justin, Isaac, Seth and Troy. Several of us went to the opening night festivities and in true DV style, we spent most of the time talking and playing outside the gallery! The show runs until August 2nd.

Family Night Out

We had a great time hanging out at Pachamama's Organic Coffeehouse on May 31st! Raj sang while the we all played, read and talked. Looking forward to doing this type of event on a regular basis!